At Miner Wear we believe in fairness and equality.
Whether it be in our products or the people that work under the Miner Wear

You can be assured that no people or animals were mistreat during the design or production of our garments.

All materials unless otherwise stated are manufactured in the United Kingdom.
Any items made outside of the UK, are carefully reasearched to make sure they are Ethically sourced.
Under no circumstantces will Miner Wear use a manufacturer of our materials.
Outside of Europe.

The owner of Miner Wear believes anyone working for the company should be able to work. In a safe and secure enviroment, where they and their opinion matter.

Miner Wear not only cares about people and Animals but also the enviroment.
The companies carbon footprint is continually monitored.
Where possible Miner Wear will always use Energy saving products (For Example LED light bulbs etc..)
Miner Wear is currently either recycling or re-purposing over 50% of its waste product.
All company vehicles have Euro 5 rated engines and any journeys undertaken do so with the least impact upon wildlife and the enviroment.

Miner Wear does all of the above not because they have to.
Its because we want to.

Miner Wear is a family business that is large enough to cope
But small enough to care

Miner Wear
Unit 1B
Pegswood Industrial Estate
NE61 6HZ


Tel: 07798868546 (Graham)
Tel: (01670) 516826 (Factory)

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