Dye Sublimation is perfect for anyone wishing to have totally unique team and leisure wear. The advantages over other processes (i.e. Cut & Sew) allows the customer to embed customised logo's, designs and colours all within one piece of material.

Sublimated garments start out as white synthetic materials. Your unique design is then printed onto to a special sublimation paper using a large format sublimation printer. Once complete the finished paper design is then laid over the white material and heat pressed for a set time and pressure depending on material and design.


As the material is under the heat press a chemical reaction is taking place.
The ink on the paper is transferring from a solid state to gas and back to solid as it bonds to the fibres of the material. The heat from the press opens the pores of the material which allows the gas to enter as the material cools the pores close. Locking the design into the fabric.

The end result is a permanent digital quality design that will not crack, fade or peel off for the life of the garment.

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